legacy grant

In early 2010, the Hibbing Historical Society identified the need to catalogue its collection, and began the challenging task of cleaning, organizing, and storing more than 50 years of collecting.  Through this process, prominent collections were identified which required much more than basic care.  The Society began raising funds from various local donors and foundations to procure new equipment, software, and staff time for these projects.  The community donated over $4,200.

In July of 2010, the Hibbing Historical Society wrote a grant application to the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program, to provide for specific care of the Oliver Iron Mining Company Photograph Collection.  The grant would also provide staff time for the construction of the Society's website to include these images, making them available to the public.  With the help of Dr. Melissa Stewart, the Society was successful in this application, and in August of 2010 received word that we had been awarded $7,000.

Throughout August and September, the Society purchased a new large-bed scanner, with the capability to scan not only print material in high resolution, but also cellulose and glass-plate negatives, and slide media.  Photoshop software was included for use in editing and restoration of broken, soiled or otherwise depreciated negatives.  Past Perfect is a museum cataloguing software, which was purchased by the Society to keep digital records for each object.  The Society used community funds to obtain archival negatives sleeves and storage boxes to house the collection.  Finally, the grant included a new photograph printer for use in reproductions for the public.

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